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Saving Life And Money

With electronics cigarettes, you will save money! Each cartridge is the equivalent of ten to fifteen regular tobacco cigarettes, and each cartridge costs less than a dollar.

If you smoke a pack a day at an average cost of $5.00 a pack, then electric the same amount of electronic cigarettes can save you over $1,200.00 a year!


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Frequently Questions Asked:

How do Vapor Cigarette work?

Vapor cigarettes produce vaporized nicotine. They use a small replaceable cartridge filled with water, propylene glycol, and a dose of nicotine. The electronic cigarette is powered by a rechargeable battery.

Are E Cigarettes OK?

E-Cigarettes are compare to tobacco cigs?

The second-hand smoke from normal tobacco cigarettes is very harmful to those inhaling it. But the smoke from an electronic cigarette is simply harmless water vapor. It evaporates seconds after being exhaled. Plus, traditional cigarettes leave an odor that lingers and is almost impossible to get rid of.